• Spotlight — short playlists organized by artist
  • Songs — singing
  • Slower — a more relaxed tempo and mood
  • Waltz — take a break, find a partner and waltz!
  • Variety — a little bit of everything

Artist Spotlights

In each Spotlight (A, B, …) several tracks in a row are played from one artist. Times are give as minutes-into-the-program.; Thus _:27 is music that begins approximately 27 minutes after the Spotlight program started.

A:00 — Alex Sturbaum

A:30 — Atlantic Crossing

B:00 — Chimney Swift

B:27 — Daron Douglas

C:00 — Rodney Miller

C:27 — EmmaLee Holmes-Hicks

D:00 — The Poor Cousins

D:30 — Anadama

D:40 — Joanne Garton

E:00 — Liz & Dan Faiella

Waltz — Chip Prince & Ilya Levin, and others

Typical Daily Schedule:

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