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Links forthcoming. Meanwhile see if you contact her on Facebook.

All Tracks

EmmaLee’s playlist has music by two bands. They are both from live gigs, not contra dances. 

Golden Bantam String Band has EmmaLee on fiddle, Tom Perrotti on mandolin, Mike Fischman on guitar and Piero Guimaraes on percussion.

Newport String Project has is EmmaLee on fiddle, Rachel Panitch on fiddle, and Mike Sokolovsky on guitar and foot percussion.

  • After the Battle of Aughram / Red Haired Boy Golden Bantam String Band
  • Birdie A Golden Bantam String Band
  • Coffee Golden Bantam String Band
  • Crossing to Ireland Golden Bantam String Band
  • Gaspe Reel Golden Bantam String Band
  • Granny Will Your Dog Bite / Wake Up Susie Golden Bantam String Band
  • Growling Old Man and Woman / Old Gray Cat Golden Bantam String Band
  • Jaybird / June Apple Golden Bantam String Band
  • Scandy Twist / Kitchen Girl Golden Bantam String Band
  • Red Prarie Dawn Newport String Project
  • The Gloup - Field in the forest, The Orphan - Kerfunken, Banks of Lough-Menu Falls Newport String Project
  • Mehitabel's Waltz Newport String Project
  • Runnarsdottir - 10 Images for Two Violins (3 movements) Newport String Project
  • White’s Air / Happy One-Step Newport String Project
  • Please Stand Up / Circular Reel Newport String Project
  • La Fille de Jouie / Le Voyage Newport String Project
  • Skinnbracka me Lucku Polska / Furuboms Polska Newport String Project
  • Lament on the death of Sir Blanca Maria / Mary O'Brian's Jig Newport String Project
  • President Garfield's Hornpipe / Snowflake Breakdown Newport String Project
  • Cluck Old Hen - Little Nell / Contradiction Newport String Project

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