Country Dance Music Radio

CDMR is an Internet streaming radio station playing the music you love to dance to! The station features out-of-work musicians who have played for contra dances, English country dancing, ceilidh, and other living folk and traditional community dance music. If you listen, please send money directly to the musicians you hear.

Stream in your browser — Click below

The simplest method is to listen right here on this page:

On the go! Listen on streaming MP3 players

Copy and Paste this into your phone’s streaming music player, if it supports URLs.

This stream is a bit experimental. Please let me know if it doesn’t work for you. I believe it works with these:

  • Triode for iPhone, iPad, and macOS — Help
  • Apple’s Music app on macOS —Help
  • Winamp for several platforms — Help

Be social! Listen on Twitch

The Twitch stream has been temporarily disabled due to lack of use. I can reenable if you prefer using it.

Tap here:

Twitch works in any web browser. There is a panel for text-chatting with anyone else listening though Twitch. 

If you have the Twitch app installed you can search for the channel mrtruckerman.

Due to Twitch time limitations, the Twitch stream will shut down for a few hours overnight.

Be social and virtual! Listen in Second Life

Listen in virtual reality! Hang out with others. You can visit a seaside dance hall simulation while you listen. 

  1. Get the Second Life viewer: DOWNLOAD FOR FREE
  2. Go to the Country Dance Music Hall simulation: Virtual GPS LINK

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